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Why WWE’s Recent Firing of NXT Stars Shows Society’s Lack of Patience and Intelligence

Once again, a new set of talent has been released from WWE. Now I want to be clear, this is not a blockbuster article condemning the company for firing people. Unfortunately, in the business world, people get fired. It sucks and I hope every man or woman released from the company bounces back into another promotion in some way. However, this article will critique the level of thoughtfulness reported regarding WWE’s recent string of layoffs. Well, Vince McMahon wants to get rid of talents like Keith Lee, Karrion Kross, or Eva Marie so from a business point of view it’s understandable. Ultimately, these guys and gals weren’t providing the necessary value that WWE was looking for. Was there a place in the company for the names mentioned above? Definitively! Eva Marie could have served as a valet to improve a talent’s act if the designer didn’t feel good enough as a competitor in the ring. Karrion Kross could have been returned to NXT. If Vince McMahon and the creatives had actually paid attention to his degradation in the developmental brand, they wouldn’t have spoiled it in the first place because his gimmick was already perfect in WWE.

Keith Lee never seemed to fit what the company was really looking for. Again, he could have been sent back to NXT as Kross, so they could develop a character for Vince to use on the main roster. However, what’s done is done with them. The recent dismissal of guys like Samoa Joe or William Regal is, on the other hand, alarming. The two men are veterans in this trade, and you mean to tell me that they have no value within the company? These guys could not only have given valuable advice to the next generation of stars, but also presented the proper tools necessary for incoming recruits. Again, WWE is a successful global brand and despite the exit of Samoa Joe and William Regal, that isn’t going to change anytime soon. However, the mindset of recent WWE releases is bewildering, which includes some of the more unknown talent.

The biggest name to come off the list was Dakota Kai. An excellent worker who has shown that she can be a great heel or a babyface. The former NXT star seemed set for the main roster several times over the past year, but apparently Vince McMahon wasn’t interested in her. The reasoning is currently unknown. Given the lack of depth on both RAW and Smackdown, it’s actually a wonder the talented Kai wasn’t brought up to some degree. Charlotte, Sasha, Becky, Bayley and Asuka at the top are getting tiring, and the company was in desperate need of new blood to inject energy into the division, especially on Smackdown. What exactly was Vince McMahon looking for? It couldn’t be talent. Omos is a horrible wrestler on the main roster, but he gets a big push because he’s tall. At the very least, Kai could have played an important role in NXT being an in-ring general for names like Lash Legend or Nikita Lyons. The same could be said of Dexter Lumis. The goal of NXT is to help develop new talent that does not come from an independent background. Green against Green will not help anyone recover. The reason Bron Breakker has done so well is because he faces veterans like Tomasso Ciampa and Dolph Ziggler.

The company obtains valuable names that could have contributed to help the future. The decision to get rid of Parker Boudreaux was a strange one. First it was put on TV not being ready. To play devil’s advocate, it’s understandable if he didn’t progress fast enough; however, the company needs to understand that just because you hire an athlete who is successful in a sport does not mean they will get it instantly. Not everyone is Ronda Rousey. WWE should give plenty of time, but given the report’s edict that officials want to see progress within 90 days, it doesn’t look like that will be the case. Of course, that’s a very vague statement, and progress could just mean anything. I doubt the officials expect them to wrestle like Bret Hart or Daniel Bryan within 9o days. The problem is that WWE seems impatient with these new recruits. If they were experienced independent veterans, these rules would have been acceptable. But what exactly is the rush of trying to accelerate progress? Granted, if someone doesn’t pick up the basics in a year, it’s understandable not to waste any more time on said talent, which is likely what happened on Harland’s side. Still, WWE is limiting its future by getting rid of names that could help the next generation progress and being too impatient with their in-ring skills going forward. The company has recklessly released names that could have been good for the brand in the long run, but who wants to join WWE if they don’t have a decent chance of succeeding?