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WWE SmackDown Included in Impressive List of Growing TV Shows

Triple H’s Reign as WWE Chief Creative Officer sees a big change in the list. Former WWE wrestlers are also making a comeback. SmackDown was recently listed on an impressive list of growing TV shows under Triple H.

A newspaper specializing in the advertising industry,, listed shows that grew the most in terms of national impressions. WWE Friday Night SmackDown appeared in this list.

WWE is an ever-evolving product, and that was even more the case after Triple H took the helm of Creative. SmackDown made the list alongside other notable shows like America’s Got Talent, Big Brother, The Bachelorette, American Ninja Warriors, and The Voice, as noted in the Wrestling observation bulletin.

The shows that have gained the most in terms of national impressions are Big Brother, America’s Got Talent, The Bachelorette, American Ninja Warriors, The Voice, 60 Minutes and Smackdown.

WWE will air live episodes of Friday Night SmackDown every week except December 23. Keep an eye on Ringside News to stay up to date as everything unfolds.

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