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WWE Staff and Superstars React to CM Punk’s Backstage AEW Drama

The entire wrestling world was consumed by the drama that followed CM Punk’s AEW All Out media melee. Including some people who work for WWE.

Despite a weekend filled with great wrestling matches, the entire community seems to only pay attention to CM Punk’s post-match.All out comments from the media scrum, including those of AEWWWE’s top competition, WWE. The newly crowned world champion used the platform All Elite Wrestling gave him to take some important shots at the company’s executive vice presidents, starring hangman Adam Page. Tony Khan was visibly exasperated during Punk’s seemingly endless tirade and even tried to step in and prevent further damage from being done. It was too late, however, and the Second City Saint would have faced a physical confrontation backstage from the same people he had just spent over five minutes tearing into.


There’s so much fire here that it would be almost impossible for everything reported over the past day to be scripted and planned. Situations like this can sometimes feel like a job, but at least three highly reliable sources have corroborated this story. Nothing is impossible, but the odds are excellent that Punk (along with Ace Steel) had a physical altercation with The Young Bucks. Kenny Omega was apparently in the area, but his involvement has not been confirmed at this time.

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Looks like news of the behind-the-scenes drama made its way to WWE, where at least a handful of people wanted details about what happened. Fightful Select recently reported the following: “Many WWE talents reached out to Fightful for the notes of what happened, as well as skirmish details at AEW All Out.” [sic] They also added that “Another long-running main event told us that they considered Punk’s actions unprofessional and didn’t believe he was the businessman or leader he posed as. This same person would call punk “selfish and arrogant”. This sentiment was echoed by several people we spoke to, including some talent who worked on set with Punk at FOX.

CM Punk and AEW are making headlines for the wrong reasons

Mixing reality and wrestling has been a pretty standard approach since the Monday Night Wars, but it’s gone too far. At least one person behind the scenes All out felt that lives could have been in danger if things had gotten out of hand. This is the kind of situation that sticks in the minds of fans and wrestlers.

With seemingly good backstage morale under Triple H, why would anyone jump ship WWE for AEW anytime soon? Reports that there are a lot of upset people in AEW have been pouring in over the past month, and one has to wonder: if the top guys in the business are mad and people off TV are also upset, who exactly is happy in AEW at present?

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Source: Combative Selection