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WWE Staff, Announcers Very Happy With Recent Changes, Fun Backstage Environment

For years, there had been a feeling that people were “walking on eggshells” in WWE with Vince McMahon running things. Since stepping down and taking over Triple H as creative helm while Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan are now co-CEOs, there have been positive reports from the company. reports that the old sentiment within the company “has quickly faded, replaced instead by renewed hope and pride for those who work for the company.”

A department where change has been described as “massively night and day” is in production because the new regime is different from the way Vince handled things. It was said that there was no longer anyone yelling at the production truck or the announcers.

It has been well documented that McMahon was extremely verbally brutal with the production of his lineup. Mick Foley famously stopped being the SmackDown commentator because he didn’t like being shouted at by McMahon through his helmet.

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It has been said that Mondays and Fridays are no longer considered the worst days at work by those working on the television production side of WWE. Instead, the department began to settle into a situation where “everyone doesn’t come in and expect some kind of PTSD to follow them home the next day after Raw and SmackDown. “.

Pwinsider’s report went on to note that the entire production department (announcers, cameramen, producers, directors, etc.) has been extremely happy over the past few weeks. A source said it “makes it feel fun to work here”. This has led to better flow and engagement at all levels and more camaraderie in the department.

Those who were looking to leave the company a few months ago have reconsidered the move because of their joy and how they hope the new regime’s current “honeymoon feeling” persists.

This lines up with what WWE Raw commentator Corey Graves recently said on the After The Bell podcast.