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Youth charged with assaulting YFC staff | Local

A supervisor at No. 3 Youth Forest Camp testified Wednesday morning how he was allegedly bitten by an inmate as he and other staff tried to restrain the young man.

Khalil Henry of Philadelphia is charged with felony 2 aggravated assault in connection with the alleged incident on the evening of May 7 and is being investigated by State Police in Huntingdon.

Henry, who turned 18 last month, is represented by Huntingdon County Deputy Public Defender Margaret Nollau.

The victim, Brant Bilger, said May 7 was movie night for YFC residents. He said the incident happened just after dinner as the youngsters headed for the showers ahead of the evening’s entertainment.

Bilger said Henry informed staff that he wanted to stay in the common room watching TV, a request he was denied. Bilger said that when Henry got upset, another staff member placed the youngster in a restraint and was escorting him out of the residential wing when Henry wrapped his leg around the staff member’s leg, knocking them both down.

Bilger said he and two other staff members rushed to help. He said he determined the team of four employees needed to each grab an arm or leg and then carry Henry to the facility’s observation room.

During the struggle, Henry bit the back of Bilger’s arm, the victim said,

“I didn’t even feel it then because of the adrenaline,” Bilger said.

When calm was restored, Bilger inspected his arm, which was bruised and stitched.

Trooper Brianna Mort of the State Police in Huntingdon responded to YFC and asked Bilger about the incident. Mort said she looked at Bilger’s arm and said it appeared to have a bite mark.

Nollau asked Mort if she interviewed any other witnesses to the alleged incident. Death said no.

Magistrate District Judge Rufus Brenneman took the assault charge to the Huntingdon County Court of Common Pleas, where Henry is due to be formally arraigned on July 21.